When Should You Get A New AC Unit?

What is the significance of air conditioner installation in
Frisco TX? Why you should get a new AC unit. What does the new AC unit cost? These
are some of the most critical questions asked by homeowners. In today’s
article, we will answer these questions. Read on!

Air conditioner installation in Frisco TX

When it comes to new AC unit cost, expect to pay something
between $1,500 and $4,000 for a central AC unit. However, the price usually
varies depending on a homeowner’s needs.

The average pay homeowners pay between $3,200 and $7,800 for a
central AC unit installation. There are various factors that affect new AC unit
cost. These are your home’s square footage, the desired brand, and SEER rating.
Here is why you need to replace an old AC system with a new one.

A System More Than 10 Years Old

Although many homeowners want to use their HVAC systems for a
long time, they don’t last forever. The average lifespan of an AC system is ten
years. However, you can extend its lifespan through regular maintenance.

Because most air conditioners see extensive use in the hot
summer months, you need to install a new AC unit if it is more than ten years
old. It is crucial to hire a professional installation company.

Although purchasing a new AC unit requires an initial investment,
the replacement process is not that hard. Upgrading an old system leads to a comfortable
home, smooth operations, and advanced cooling technology for many years to

Frequent Repairs

Frequent repairs are another reason you need air conditioner
installation in Frisco TX. If you have called a team of professional AC experts
for repairs several times during the summer season, it means the system is on
its last legs. Although a professional HVAC company can identify problems and
fix them effectively, sometimes, the repairs become too expensive.

That’s why we recommend that you hire an experienced
installation company to install a new AC unit. Repairs
will optimize
the system, but higher chances are that the AC will undergo
problems again. So, if there are significant problems like refrigerant leaks,
compressor malfunction, and mechanical wear and tear, replacing the system is a
wise decision.

Higher Energy Bills

Many AC systems can’t cool the indoor space as time passes. If
you have problems like a thermostat malfunction and mechanical wear/tears, your
AC system will consume more energy. As a result, you will receive higher
electricity bills every month during the summer season. At the same time, your
AC won’t perform at its peak.

Investing in a new AC system allows you to choose advanced,
innovative, and more energy-efficient models. For instance, when you upgrade
the system to the Energy Star-certified model with a SEER rating of 15 or
above, it will consume lower electricity, leading to lower energy bills.

Outdated Technology

You need air conditioner installation in Frisco TX if your
current AC system has an older or outdated technology. The cooling technology
has changed over the last ten years. For instance, if your AC system relies on
obsolete technology or R-22 refrigerant, it is time to replace the entire

A new AC system comes with the latest technology, allowing the
unit to perform optimally and efficiently. Some models offer quiet operation,
two-stage compression, and variable-speed blower motors. A new AC system also
comes with a programmable thermostat, making it more energy-efficient. As a
result, the AC minimizes energy consumption and provides the best cooling.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

There are many reasons behind poor indoor air quality. These
are high humidity levels, widespread environmental pollutants, bacteria and
viruses, and outdated technology. Excess moisture in the indoor air is usually
a sign of an outdated and improperly sized AC.

Similarly, indoor pollutants can cause the system to struggle
while removing or filtering out the contaminants effectively. On the other
hand, a new air conditioner installation in Frisco TX, can improve your overall
indoor air quality.

Modern AC systems are equipped with advanced technology, air
filters, etc., to ensure your home’s air is fresh, clean, and free from
pollutants. That’s why it is crucial to install a new AC by hiring a professional installation

Final Words

An old air conditioner unit works harder to maintain the right
levels of temperatures and moisture in the indoor space, leading to poor indoor
air quality. It also requires frequent repairs, costing you a lot of money. Therefore,
hire a professional company that offers air conditioner installation in Frisco